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Prior to a resident’s discharge from our facility, our rehabilitative professionals make sure they’re ready for the challenges involved with returning home or to an alternate level of care. Discharge planning is a vital and often overlooked aspect of healthcare that plays a crucial role in the continuum of care. This structured and patient-centered process focuses on ensuring a smooth transition for individuals leaving hospitals, rehabilitation centers, or other healthcare facilities. In this article, we will explore the significance of discharge planning, its components, and its impact on patients’ well-being and recovery. In addition to outlining personalized exercise plans and guidelines for safely performing daily routines, our therapists will make sure each patient can manage stairs and other obstacles related to returning home. Our social workers may arrange home health care, medical equipment needed for in the home, and assist in making your follow up appointment with specialists and primary care physician. If applicable, our nurses will provide information on wound care, nutritional and medication management. All this will ensure that once they leave our facility, residents will be adequately prepared to resume optimal functionality and independence. If you or your loved one requires long term care after discharge from rehabilitation, our team is ready to assist in helping you make the best decision about continued care.

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