Baywind Village Skilled Nursing &Rehabilitation

Baywind Village has partnered with Encore Rehabilitation Services to deliver top-tier rehabilitation services. With a dedicated team of 20 full-time physical, occupational, and speech therapists, we offer daily one-on-one therapy sessions seven days a week, ensuring the highest level of personalized care that optimizes our patients’ chances of success.

Bridging the gap between hospital and home

In many cases, whether stemming from trauma, illness, stroke, surgery, or a chronic condition, when individuals experience limitations in mobility, function, or cognitive abilities, rehabilitation often serves as the vital route toward recovery, renewed independence, and an improved quality of life.

A unique understanding of senior care

For over two decades, Baywind Village Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation has been dedicated to fulfilling the healthcare requirements of seniors in the League City region. With a strong foundation in delivering skilled nursing care of the utmost quality, our wealth of experience equips us to adeptly address the distinct demands of geriatric rehabilitation. This experience further empowers us to facilitate the restoration of patients to their optimal levels of physical well-being, functionality, and independence.