Baywind Village Skilled Nursing &Rehabilitation

At Baywind Village, we are deeply committed to delivering exceptional medical care to patients dealing with complex non-healing wounds. In addition to our comprehensive range of skilled nursing services, we have established a specialized wound care program. This program harnesses evidence-based protocols and proven treatment strategies to accelerate the healing process.

Our esteemed Medical Director, Dr. Maria Guidry, holds board certification in Family Practice and is a Certified Wound Care Specialist. Her mission is to foster a collaborative relationship with the patient’s primary physician and other specialists involved, aiming to address the multifaceted medical issues hindering wound healing. Our dedicated, empathetic, and highly-trained wound care team collaborates closely with the patient’s attending physician, nutritionist, and therapists to eliminate obstacles to healing. Furthermore, our staff is specially trained to provide Pulsed Lavage treatment, a mechanical hydrotherapy technique that employs pressurized, pulsed solutions to irrigate and debride wounds.

All our staff members undergo comprehensive training and education, overseen by our Director of Education, a Wound Care Specialist, and an Infection Control Nurse. This training encompasses Universal and Contact Precautions to prevent infection spread. To cater to the specific needs of complex wound care and isolation, we have designated a specialized unit with 15 private rooms available. Our scope of practice encompasses the diagnosis and treatment of various challenging-to-heal wounds, including: [List the specific wounds treated].

We are able to provide IV Antibiotics, specialty mattresses, specialty wheelchair cushions and other pressure-relieving interventions. We utilize a wide variety of therapies, including negative-pressure wound therapy, prescription drugs and compression wraps. With guidance from our nutritionist, we provide dietary supplements to support wound healing.